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2500units SLD-SSL-6000 Integrated solar street light installed and lighting up the highway in westen Pakistan . The SSL All In one solar street light features high quality material will full warranties suitable for increases the use of renewable energy , completedly alternate municipal electricity .

We put the solar panel, LED lamp, Li-ion battery, intelligent charge controller, motion sensor, all into one unit, so each light is a complete stand-alone All-in-One solar system.Modular structure, there’s no wiring, no digging, no debugging. Easy to install with low cost installation and labor fee, also easy to transport and maintain.

How to automatically turn on and off the solar led street light ? No need other special switch , the photocell in the solar charge controller make the solar street light automatically turn on at dark , and turn off at down.

Solar Street Light with Low-cost installation. No trenching, no heavy cable, quick and easy installation anywhere.

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