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SSL-6000 60W All In One Solar Street Light for Parking Lots
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SSL 6000 60W all in one solar panels on LED street lights for sale, it uses high efficiency mono solar panel, MPPT controller,long lifespan LiFePo4 battery. Generally used for yard, parking lot, main road and etc.

SSL Series 60W All In One Solar Street Light With High brightness for Parking Lots

Auto ON /OFF + Time Dimming + Intelligent Cotrol System 

Drawer type Replaceable battery solution, LiFePo4 battery , back up 3-5 days ,lifetime up to 8years

The Integrated solar led street lamp is researched and developed by the Lingda New Energy. It’s wireless and easy to be installed, with the free maintenance and long working life.

 SLD-SSL-6000 60W is configured with MPPT solar controller , high efficiency solar panels and long life time LiFePO4 battery. It can be used to light up streets, parking lots, parks, roadways, and highways.


Why the solar street light have a " tail"?  

------This tail is RTU, a component of Smart Management Control System. 

 DTU (each DTU can control 200lights at the sight of 2KM)

 RTU(each light is equiped with one Rtu)

Smart Control System ( Optional function)

Intelliginet controlling sytem (opitional ) provided with link-able Communication between each Solar street Light that can be 

accessed via ZIGBEE and GPRS. The users can remotely operate and monitor performance of each street light.  And also 

change the lighting operation profile and adjust the bightness of each Solar led light. 

Through the solar street light intelligent management systems and wireless control module on the street unified management,to achieve the lighting remote monitoring , real-time monitoring , intelligent control , energy saving performance

SLD-SSL-6000 60W solar street lights parking lot lighting with smart control system, it can real time monitors the working performance and set up planning task for the parking lot lighting  . Hence it will save a lot money on maintenance cost , labor cost and time and easy to control the time through PC and phone.


For small streets, parking lots, arenas, public spaces, yards, open areas and other roadway lighting etc.


Product features

Integrated design, beautiful, simple and convenient

Solar power supply, green environmental protection, zero emissions

Using new long-life battery, lithium iron phosphate, the free maintenance for 5-8 years

The multifunction controller, a variety of models for your choice

More energy saving and lighting for longer

LG Chip, high photosynthetic efficiency, long life

Surface anti-corrosion treatment, salt fog 480 h does not rust.



1. Dimension




2. Technical Data


PV   Module

 90W mono

Life   time

25years( The power attenuation of each year is around 1%)

LED   Source

6600LM    60W

LED chip  

 3535 LED

viewing   Angel


Color   Temperature

3000K-6500K Typical value: 5500K-6000K

Color   rendering index


Life   time


Battery   Tape

Lithium LiFePo4    battery

Battery Capacity


Battery   life time


MPPT charge controller

including wireless communication module (please see the   Communication topology below )

Timing mode

1Hr50% ,4Hr100%,3Hr50%,4Hr25%.

Circuit   Protection

Overcharge, discharge, short circuit, open load, lightning   protection and other functions

Life   time


Charging   Time (STC)

6-8Hours(With STC)



Working   Temperature

-20~+70(When the temperature is below -10,derating use  )

Storage   Temperature


Protection   Grade


Dimension   Size(mm)


Installation   Height

6 m to 8m light pole

Installation Diameter


Pole distanc of Installation

 20m to25m

3.Work Mode

4.Photometric Curve

5. Simulation

Height:8m , width:8m,pole distance; 30m  , lighting arrange on oen side ,simulated data

 Product Details



                                LiFePO4 battery : more than 2000 cycles , long lifespan, up to 8 years








                      Intelligent MPPT controller : 99% tracking efficiency and 98% charging efficiency .




all in one solar street light lens



                         High efficiency LED chip :using LG, Cree, Nicha , Philips etc, more than 180lm/W

 Quality Control

1. Components testing 

All the components passed the strict test before assemble .Connecting the battery ,controller and led light module to work  24hours  , so that to assure the solar led street light system in good situation.

2. Finished Product Inspection

After assembling ,all the finished  solar powered led street lights will be turn on to see the work status, and make sure all the components connected well during assemble process . 


3. Apperance Inspection

 Clean the dirt on the surface of solar streetlights to make sure solar lights looks beautiful

Packing Information

Packing   Size1375*420*150mm(1pc   lamp body) 370*310*305mm(2 sets    Parts  )New/Gross   weight 19kg/21kg
QTY/CBM10pcs/CBM  (0.105CBM/set)QTY/20GP   /40HQ350pcs/850pcs

More information about 60w all one integrated solar led street light,solar outdoor path lights  


● The work time depends on the weather condition, the season and the location
● It is waterproof, but limited to rain and moisture( cannot immerged into the water or stay in the water too long).
● Please be sure it is installed in a well-lit location where the solar panel can get maximum sunlight during the day.
● The fully charged street light can be stored up to six months. Please take timely inspection and charge the battery after a long time transportation and storage so that the battery can perform well.

● Facing south in the northern hemisphere and north in the southern hemisphere. Slope angle should be adjusted according to the local latitude. Solar panels must be installed in the sunny, no houses, trees shade place so that they can receive light all day ( Minimum requirements:9.00 am - 16.00 PM without sunscreen,)

● Keep cleaning the solar panel every few time so that the solar panel can generate power at maximum efficiency.


 If you're looking for the high brightness SSL series led solar parking lot lights for sale, LINGDA NEW ENERGY (SLD), as one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers, must be your best choice. Welcome to buy the quality solar products from our factory, and the customized service is also available.

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