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6M 30W Solar Street Light
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Green Light Source. 40-70% less power consumption than other light sources. Our LED/Induction lights emit no light pollution, provides bright white light which improves color recognition and improves night visibility from 400%-1000% over other light sourc

 Manufactuer's professional solar street light design SLD-SL-103 6M 30W

The quality of the battery will directly influence the composite cost and the lifespan of outdoor solar street light

Technical Parameter  



1.solar panel

100W/ 17.5V   Poly solar panel, more than 25 years lifespan

2.LED lamp

30W/12V,   Lumen:3000lm , 90-100lm/W, 30W to achieve 35LUX at 6m high, 50000 hours lifespan


6M   cylindrical,  Including lamp arm and   bracket, hot dip galvanization(85μm) and spraying power. 20 years lifespan

4.gel battery

120AH/12V,   deep cycle, maintenance free , 3-5 years lifespan


10A/12V,   optical & time control(Germany Phocos) water proof: IP68, 8-10years   lifespan

6.PVC Battery box

for 100ah*1pcs   battery, 10-15years lifespan

7. Working Time

10-12hours/day, 3   ~ 4 cloudy or rainy days backup

8. Working Temperature


9. Solar panel  frame

angle Iron,   hot dip galvanized type, plastic-coating / painting

10. Wind Resistance

80mph (Please   consult with us for higher wind resistant models.)

The above configuration can be adjustable according to your requirement.

Photometrics of outdoor solar street light:

Product Details  

What are the main parts of outdoor solar street light?
1. Solar panel
Solar panel of outdoor solar street light must be in good material, because it has to provide energy for the lamp for a whole night, and it has to be exposed to the sun and rain.

2. LED  Chip
High lumen LED chip is designed for the outdoor solar street light, because we know it is very important for you to get as much as brightness with certain power.

3. LED lamp
Outdoor solar street light fixture must be made of superior materials, because the it has to be strong enough to stand the awful conditions.

4. Battery
We choose special gel battery (lead acid battery) for outdoor solar street light, maintanence free, 3-5 years lifespan. Working temperature from -33℃ to 55℃.

5. Pole
After welding, cutting, grinding, polishing, and spraying, our outdoor solar street light poles will not fade within 8 years and no rust within 15 years.

6. Other accessories
The accessories includes MPPT solar charge controller which will automatically turns on and off the outdoor solar street light according to your requirement, without human management, and cables, battery box to protect the battery, and anchor to fixed underground.

Why Choose Us  

We, lingda new energy, specialized in outdoor solar street light for more than 6 years, we made all kinds of solutions for customer all over the word. The quality of our outdoor solar street light makes us long term business with our customers.
Hope you can be one of our VIP customers in the near future.

Below is how we deliver our outdoor solar street light:


How to install the outdoor solar street light?Please check the below picture.


Our outdoor solar street lights suitable for street lighting; park lighting; roadway lighting; fence lighting; pathway lighting; campus lighting; ramp lighting; boat dock lighting;sidewalk lighting;

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