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SLD-SL-360C 60W All In One Solar Street Light
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By carton ,Exported standard packing
CE ROHS certificated,Used 7years long time LiFePO4 battery from Mottcell , SUNPOWER solar panel from America , the high luminance 140-150lm/W Bridgelux LED from America

Wholesale Integrated led solar street light price solar powered street light with pole 60W SLD-SL-360C

Solar street light price is higher than ordinary street light, but the cost after it put into use will be far less than ordinary street lights. While installing the solar street light, we don’t need to establish the complicate circuit, we just need to make a foundation bed and put the solar street light on the pole. The solar street light price has already take labor cost, material resources and financial resources into consideration. We has to check the ordinary street light wire underground usually, and when the voltage is unsteady, LED light is easy to break. With the time pass, the circuit will be aged, and then the maintenance costs will go up and up. In that case, solar street light price in fact is not as high as ordinary light.

Product Data  

Solar PV   Module  Sunpower 90W   18V Eff:21%  
LED Source  30W*2PCS,Total:60W;   life time: 50000hours  
LED chip, Bridgelux Chip  
Viewing angel, 70°*140°  
Color Temperature:   3000K~3500K(warm white)/6000K-6500K(cool white)  
Color rendering index:>70  
LED Efficiency:≥120LM/W  
Initial Delivered Lumen Tj=25℃:7200lm  
Normal Luminous Flux Tj=66℃:6600lm  
Battery Capacity   LIFePo4,12.8V 21AH*2PCS    
Life time: 5-8years  
MPPT Controller  12.8V   10A  
Human body infrared induction model/Timing mode: The   multifunctional controller, can be set up   
Circuit Protection: Overcharge, discharge, short   circuit, open load, lightning protection and other functions  
On grid backup: optional features  
The outer solar panels: optional features  
Working   Time(Battery full)  Timing   mode to:2 Days  
Charging Time   (STC)  8 Hours  
Certificate  CE, ROSH,IP65  
Installation   Height  4m to 8m light pole  
Clearance of   Installation  70mm-90mm  
Installation   Diameter  15m to 25m  
Operating  Environment   Charging:0~60℃  
Storage   Temperature   0~45℃  
Product Size  1160*450*140mm   
Package   Size/Quantity  1300×510×220mm/1set  
Net Weight/GW  26.5kg/28.5kg  
IP Rating  IP65  

Illumination Drawing of solar street light price (High 4 meters)





Illuminated area
















Product Details  

①Solar Panel
The solar panel we used for COB all in one solar street light is improted from American,very high efficency and environment friendly.Solar panel turns the solar energy into DC electricity in battery during the day time,and when the night comes,the battery will light up the lamps.

②Lithium Iron Battery
We use lithium iron battery for our COB integrated solar street lgiht,it has advantages of smallest size,like the cell phone's battery,most high efficency and long life span.

③COB Light Source
Integrated COB light source,60W led solar street light with illumiance 140lm/watt,super bright!

④MPPT Controller
The multifunctional controller, can be set up.And it has circuit protection,like overcharge, discharge, short circuit, open load, lightning protection and other functions.

Integration design, easy to carry, put solar panel, LED lamp, battery and controller all in one, don't need any cable. Installation is very convenient, use iron pole, wood pole, bamboo pole, plastic pole, wall, etc will be no problem, it will can reduce a lot of cost if you buy our solar street light price.

Packing Details  

100% TEST
Every of our solar street lamp is 100% test before delivery,in that way,the repair rate is rapidly reduced.

Carefully Packing
Every lamp was carefully sealed with film paper,in order to protect led solar street light form dust and humidity.  

Professional Packing
Every lamp is packed by professional packing team.The carton box is special design for integrated solar street light.


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