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5M 20W Solar LED Street Light
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By carton, Exported standard packing
Battery box on top of pole , anti theft . Advanced control unit. Our Solar light controller provides easy configuration, automatic operations and advanced work modes.

 Competitive solar led street light price SLD-SL-101 5M 20W

Advantage of  SLD 12v solar 20W led street light turns out to be easy installing. You don’t need to design the complicated wiring and pipes, instead, only a small hole and some screw and nuts are okay to install the 12v 20W led solar street light.

Product Data  



1.solar panel

100W/ 17.5V Poly solar panel, more than 25 years   lifespan

2.LED lamp

28W/12V, Lumen:3000lm , 90-100lm/W, 28W to achieve 37LUX   at 5m high, ≥50000 hours lifespan


6M cylindrical, Including lamp arm and bracket, hot dip   galvanization (85μm) and spraying power. 20 years lifespan

4.gel battery

120AH/12V, deep cycle, maintenance free , 3-5 years   lifespan


10A/12V, optical & time control(Germany Phocos)   water proof: IP68, 8-10years lifespan

6.PVC Battery box

for 100ah*1pcs battery, 10-15years lifespan

7. Working Time

10-12hours/day, 3 ~ 4 cloudy or rainy days   backup

8. Working Temperature


9. Solar panel  frame

angle Iron, hot dip galvanized type,   plastic-coating / painting

10. Wind Resistance

80mph (Please consult with us for higher wind resistant   models.)

The above configuration can be adjustable according to your requirement.
Photometrics of 12v solar 28W led street light:

Product Details  

What are the main parts of 12v solar 28W led street light?

1. Solar panel
Solar panel of 12v solar 28W led street light must be in good material, because it has to provide energy for the lamp for a whole night, and it has to be exposed to the sun and rain.

2. LED  Chip
High lumen LED chip is designed for the 12v solar 28W led street light, because we know it is very important for you to get as much as brightness with certain power.

3. Battery
We choose special gel battery (lead acid battery) for 12v solar 28W led street light, maintanence free, 3-5 years lifespan. Working temperature from -33℃ to 55℃.

4. Pole
After welding, cutting, grinding, polishing, and spraying, 12v solar 28W led street light poles will not fade within 8 years and no rust within 15 years.

5. Other accessories
The accessories includes MPPT solar charge controller which will automatically turns on and off the 12v solar 28W led street light according to your requirement, without human management, and cables, battery box to protect the battery, and anchor to fixed underground.

Why Choose Us  

High quality lamp body

High quality aluminum lamp body.High hardness,corrosion ressitance.


Good heat dissipation
The aluminum radiactor
Design of air convection
Heat dissipation technology
Industrial grade


High quality mask
A new technology of large surface.
One plot with reflective lens
The mirror surface,high light steel .
Durablity stronger


High quality chip
Taiwan imported high lumen well chip,super chick double gold.Increase the current capacity,the LED is more bright,light stablility .Life is longer.



High quality support
The hardness strong high quality aluminum material support,more stable lmap.The connecting body and the interface,and cracking corrosion.


High quality power supply
Using industrial grade high quality.The driving power,water proof IC intelligent control ansure currents stability.



How to install the 12v solar 28W led street light?


12v solar 28W led street light s are installed in the main streets.

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