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Smart solar street light in Kuwait Oil Company


 18 months after installation.  All 150units Smart Solar Street Lights in a mint condition working without any error! Kuwait Oil Company

 This project located in the Kuwait Oil Company, all the 150units slipt type smart solar street lights with 120W Philips led street light installed on a 1m length arm .The 250W mono solar panel on the top of pole with total height 10m  , As we know the enveroment temperature in Kuwait is very high  , we adopted LiFePO4 battery for energy storage , that with excellent high termperature apperance(>75C) , and long life cycles.(>2000cycles),  so that to assure the solar street lamps withstand the extremely hot situation. 

 18 months after installation.  All 150units Smart Solar Led Street Lights in a mint condition working without any error! 


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