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How to select solar street light?


       How to select solar street light?

Currently solar street light are still far from any international or even national standard, many vendors’ solar street light systems are still not mature.

Meanwhile, solar street light systems are actually a customized system solution. And this market is a little disordered, Here, we provide our professional  advices when considering a Solar street light system—5 HOWs:

l  How many meter width of the road?

l  How many meter height of the pole? 

l  How bright:--how many LUX on the ground?

l  How many working days while no sunshine? 

l  How long is life span of the system?

If your contractor customer is profferssional  can provide all the requested information, then we would calculate the configuration to make a customized solution. 

If you can not answer all questions above , or don't have a exact request on Lux or backup days.   just info the" width of road"(first How) . Then, we are able to define the pole height according to the width of road . As per our test result of lumen /lux on different height , we choose a right model of solar street light that match the road lighting standard.   

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