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How many WATT Led solar street light will be used on my project?


"Hi, I have a project need solar street light , how many watt led light will be used?" Some customers ask like this .  

Here, i would like to remind you that for the LED lamp, we should NOT focus on  how much power you need the LED lamp to be, we should focus on the final lighting effect, that is how much LUX on the ground?  why? Because as below: 

1, as you know, at this moment, the market for the solar/LED is a little disordered, so some businessmen want to get the higher profit, they will use the marking power to cheat the users, for example, the real power of LED lamp is 50W, they may mark it and tell you as 80W,90W or even 100W,  that is the mark power /actual power difference,  however, we are making them as the same in mark power and actual power, 

2,  as different companies have different technologies on the LED Lamp, so they achieve different lighting effect with the same LED lamp power,  for example, for 6m height, the others may need 40-50W LED lamp to achieve 36LUX on the ground  , and we only need 25W LED lamp, and it can achieve the central brightness of 32LUX on the ground, you can find the our real testing record in the following,  and if you come to visit us, we will do the on-site test for you.

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