All In One Solar Street Light

All In One / Integrated Solar Street Light

With integrated design to assemble all components (solar panel , battery, led module , solar charger controller etc) in one unit. SLD all in one solar street lights are very simple to use, no separated battery pack required and no complicated wiring or settings.  All you need to do is to install it with screws to the post and press the on/off button. The lights will switch on when the sun sets and switch off when the sun rises.  Easy to install with low cost installation and labor fee, also easy to transport and maintain.   SLD all in one solar street light is always recommended due to its features as below: 

•Patent pending integrated design.
•Solar powered outdoor lighting
•Easy installation. No cable needed.
•Using LifePO4 battery to prolong product life and protect environment.
•Modularity design. Easy assemble and maintenance.
•Compact volume and light weight design saves freight cost and installation cost
•Rust-proof, dustproof and waterproof.
•Safety and reliability.
•Three years warranty.
.with CE, ROHS and IP65 certificate

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