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5 Basical Questions About Solar Street Lamp


Question 1: How does solar street lamp work?

LED solar street lamps are powered by solar energy, and need the batteries  to store electric energy during the day and power for lamps working at night.During the working process , it need a solar controller to protect the solar lighting system from overcharge and over-discharge and automatically turn on and off the lights in the dark and dawn. 

Each solar street lamp is a  stand-alone solar power  system, it is not limited by region, or affected by power installation position.  When you install the solar street lights ,it does not need to excavate road surface for wiring and pipe burying construction. So it is very convenient for site construction and installation.Without power transmission and transformation system, does not consume commercial grid power.


Question 2: What advantages of Solar street lamp?

1. Energy saving, environmental protection and maintenance-free

2. Simple and convenient installation and long service life

3. Low voltage, safe to use

4. Wide scope of application


Question 3: What the main parameter of Solar Street lamp?  

1. Adaptive light source: LED lamp, life span: 50,000 ~ 100,000 hours.

2. Solar panels: monocrystalline/polycrystalline high conversion efficiency panels with a life of ≥ 25 years.

3. Battery: valve-controlled sealed maintenance-free colloid, lead-acid battery, special for solar energy, with a service life of 5 ~ 8 years.

4. Controller: Microcomputer intelligent controller, anti-overcharge and over-discharge, light-controlled time-controlled on/off, service life ≥ 15 years.

5. Battery box: molded by die pressing, fully sealed and waterproof, with good heat preservation, and its service life is ≥ 20 years.

6. The lamp pole is made of Q235 steel hot-dip galvanized tapered pole, which is sprayed with plastic on the outside, firm, corrosion-resistant and rustless, with a height of 4 ~ 13 meters, and can be designed according to requirements.

7. Protection level IP65.

8. Working hours: 6 ~ 12 hours of lighting every day, sustainable lighting for 3 ~ 7 days, and can also be designed and customized according to the requirements of guests.

9. Suitable location for installation and use: new countryside, family courtyard and rural road.

Questions 4: How many hours the solar street lights can work ?  

12 hours/day, 6 hours full power mode +6hours energy saving mode, ensuring continuous use in rainy days for 3 ~ 10 days


Question 5: What’s the application of solar street lamp?

Solar light is environment- friendly and energy-saving, and has good comprehensive economic benefits, especially it is very convenient to add solar street lamps to built roads. All we know that it’s a hard work to dig hope for bury cable on a concrete road . Especially when it is applied to road lights, outdoor billboards and bus stops far away from the power grid, its economic benefits are more obvious.  


gardens ,


main road ,

parking lots,

and areas with no electrical supply .   

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